Short stories

A collection of the short fiction I’ve published on my blog. Feedback is welcomed.

The Angel HunterThe Angel Hunter
Sven Ketcher is a legend – they say he’s slain more angels than any other man in history. Now he’s on the trail of Zephron, one of the few archangels left in the world… (Published June 12, 2011.)

Tuned In
A television viewer is stunned and dismayed when a raft of new channels turns out to be far stranger (and more tentacle-y) than expected. (Published March 24, 2011.)

On a Windblasted Day Through the Door Came the Queen
Two sisters home alone on a cold, stormy day are visited by a stranger who forces them into a terrible deal. (Published November 20, 2010.)

The Midnight GameThe Midnight Game
Home alone and bored, a young woman plays a game she learned at a sleepover – unaware of its dark consequences. (Published October 31, 2010.)

Dear JDear J…
A Lovecraftian horror lurks in a teenage girl’s basement. God, how embarrassing. (Published January 8, 2010.)

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