About me

SamHello! I am Sam Downing, which you probably guessed from the large, not-at-all-narcissistic image up there with my name in it.

I’m a 30-something writer from Sydney, Australia. In my professional career I’ve worked as an editor and a writer for some of Australia and America’s most-trafficked websites. By night I beaver away at things like short stories (you can read some of them here) and longer works, film and book reviews (they’re here) and my comic The Perfect Murders (which is here), which I expect to finish sometime around 2015 at the very earlier. (That isn’t a joke – I draw really, really slow.)

I enjoy cat videos and talking about Harry Potter.

Email: Go here.
Twitter: @samwdowning
Tumblr: Rock Paper Hamburger
Instagram: samdowning
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