The worst part about being single

… is that no one believes you when you tell them you are fine not being in a relationship. Because everyone wants to be in a relationship, right? “What’s your situation right now?” a friend asked me the other day. I said I’m not seeing anyone, and I’m not that interested in finding someone to see. I feel like the reaction I got was: “Oh, suuuuure… ya desperate loser. Go die alone.” I mean, I’m not anti-relationship or anything. Relationships have their benefits. One recent Friday night I was on the couch with only a glass of wine for company, watching a kids’ movie from the ’80s about a sexy cartoon unicorn. Keep in mind I am a 30-year-old, financially independent man who lives alone. And it occurred to me that having another adult around might make sexy unicorn times slightly less pathetic. Very slightly. ┬áBut even though I’m single, I do have romance in my life. I don’t mean to brag but on my way home from work the other evening, I was coming out of Kings Cross station when I made eye contact with a homeless woman crouched in the curb. As our gazes met, she started sobbing. It’s the little things that count.