20 famous people with very silly names

“Silly” here is not used in the pejorative sense, so much – these names aren’t bad (most of them are actually pretty delightful, and lots of fun to say out loud); they just have a fictional whimsy, they’re etymonyms that sound more like pseudonyms. (Second clarification: the definition of “famous” is very, very flexible.)

Celebrity chef

Glee actor

Benedict CumberbatchSherlock star

Googie WithersWWII-era British actress. (Her real first name was Georgette.)

Orpheus PledgerNeighbours star

Logan LermanDreamboat

Bertram van MunsterThe Amazing Race mastermind

Skeet UlrichPoor man’s Johnny Depp. (His real name is Bryan Ray Trout.)

Walton GogginsJustified actor

Imogen PootsBritish ingenue

Texas BattleThe Bold and the Beautiful actor

Steele SidebottomAFL player

Jenson ButtonRace-car driver

Mandy PatinkinActor

Richard PoonFilipino singer. (I tried avoiding names that sound silly just because of a “hur hur, their clothes are different to my clothes” thing, but: “Dick Poon”. Yep.)

Anton EnusAustralian newsreader. (Spoonerise it.)

Rider StrongFormer teen pin-up

Sissi SpacekActress. (Her real first name is Mary.)

Engelbert HumperdinckDaggy former pop icon. (His real name is Arnold George Dorsey, but he’s named after a real guy, so it counts.)

Socratis OttoAustralian actor

Who’d I miss?


Sam Downing


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