Cat Friends

At work I idly suggested to a colleague, “What if the cast of Friends were all cats? It would be called Cat Friends.” (Yes, this is the kind of ridiculous train of thought that I experience all the time.) (No, I am not on drugs.) I posted my astounding suggestion to Facebook, where it got a couple of comments became a phenomenon. Naturally, I had to apply some Photoshop magic to the results. I had to.

Thus I present to you the cast of next season’s hot new sitcom: Cat Friends.

Jennipurr Aniston

Jennipurr Aniston as Rachel Cream.

Fleasa Kudrow

Fleasa Kudrow as Fleebe Buffay.

David Sphynxer

David Sphynxer as Puss Gellar.

Catthew Purry

Catthew Perry as Cat-handler Bing.

Catteney Cox

Catteney Cox as Monicat Gellar.

Catt Le Blanc

Catt le Blanc as Joey Kibbleani.

Thanks to Cam, Bink, Rachael and Jono for several of the purrific cat puns!


Sam Downing


6 thoughts on “Cat Friends

  1. Brilliant post! Though to stuffed up the iconic order of the credits! Should be Aniston, Cox, Kudrow, Le Blanc, Perry then Schwimmer!!!

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